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Zayn Love Story

By @LaviolaYulinda , 13

Special Winner of 1D Fanfic Contest

Hey my name is (YN). Now, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Before this, I was live in Bradford.  In Bradford, I have 2 Bestfriends their name are Zayn and Doniya. They’re siblings and Doniya is older. This very long time, since I’ve meet them.  And actually, Zayn is my Ex. We’ve broke since I back to my country, Indonesia.
Today I’ll go to UK for my parents job. I’ve contacted Doniya via Blackberry. And he said to meet him at Bradford. I have my free timeat UK :D

*At Bradford*

Doniya : “Hey, (YN)l!! Long time no see!! :D”
(YN) : “Yeah!! Dan, miss you!  :D”
Doniya : “Bradford has changing a lot! You must look around this city!”
(YN) : “Really? Okay”
Me and Doniya travelling Bradford with her car.
(YN) : “Hmm, this city change a lot. But where’s Zayn? can I meet him?”
Doniya : “I think we can meet him. He’s staying here today”
(YN) : “Today?”
Doniya : “You know right? He’s SUPERSTAR now!”
(YN) : “What the..?!”
Doniya : “One direction, you know? They’re the biggest boyband in the world now?”
(YN) : “WHAT?! So, Zayn is the member of One Direction? Are you kidding me?!”
Doniya : “No, im serious. He’s my lit brother, why I must lie to you?”
(YN) : “Okay, show him now! I want to meet him!!._.”
I can’t believe Zayn is the member of One Direction. Im shocked!._.

*Malik family’s house*

Doniya : “Here.. This is our new house.. :D” <--- she showing a very Luxury house
(YN) : “WHAT?! You’re kidding me huh? This is a very extra Luxury house!! How can you got it?” ._.  :O
Doniya : “Zayn.. He’s very success now.”
And I looking at 2 people near the garage. Suddenly…… They’re KISSING!!
(YN) : ._. “What’s that?” .___.
I focus looking at them, and apparently, that is Zayn and a girl!! THAT’S ZAYN!!!!
Doniya  : “C’mon vel, get in :)”
(YN) : “Uhmm, okay..”
Suddenly, 4 boys with familiar face come out.
Doniya : “Oh, hey Louis, liam, harry, niall”
Liam : “Hey, dan. Where’s Zayn?”
Doniya : “I don’t know. I can’t see him”
(YN) : “Uhmm.. I think, he’s near the garage..”

*Everyone look at the Garage*
*Zayn and a girl kissing*

(YN) : *Poker face*
Doniya : *Poker Face*
Liam : *Poker Face*
Niall :*Poker Face*
Harry :*Poker Face*
Louis: *Poker face*
Paul : *Poker face*
Baby Lux : *Pokerface*
Dan : *Pokerface*
Josh : *PokerFace*
Lou : *Pokerface*
Waliyha : *Pokerface*
Mom Trisha : *Poker face*
Mom Anne : *Poker Face*
Mom Johanna: *Pokerface*
Mom Karen : *Pokerface*
Mom Naura :*Pokerface*
Phoebe & Daisy : *Pokerface*
Butcher : *PokerFace*
Fishmonger : *Pokerface*
Ironman :*Pokerface*
Captain America : *PokerFace*
Hulk : *Pokerface*
Blackwidow : *Pokerface*
Hawk eye : *Pokerface*
Spiderman : *Pokerface*
Superman :*pokerface*
Batman : *pokerface*
Your mother : *Poker face*

You : Щ(˚д˚Щ)  

Liam : “Hey, Zayn!! Stop kissing!! We must checksound for the new album!!”
Louis : “Heyhey!! Zayn and Perrie kissing under the tree!! Kissing!!” <--- singing
Niall : “Yeayeaah.. Kissing..” <--- He’s singing along and doing crazy dancing with Louis
Zayn :*Stop Kissing* “Oh guys!! Vas Heppenin?! Don’t bother me!”
Doniya : “Zayn stop it! Or I’ll tell you to the mom!”
Harry : “Hey, By the way.. Who’s that girl?” <-- Look at me
Doniya : “Oh, yeah.. This is our friend. Her name is (YN) :)”
Zayn : “What?! *Comin’ to us (Me, doniya and other boys)*
Harry : “She’s beautiful :)”
Zayn : “(YN)?! Why you’d tell me you will come?!”
(YN) : “I’ve told Doniya :p”
Zayn : “Doniyaa ¬_¬”
Doniya : “What? :/”

*At Zayn’s home studio*

Liam : “So are you ready lads?!”
Zayn, Louis, harry, Niall : “YEAAHH!!”
*They’re singing their new song*
(YN) : “So, this true? Zayn is member of 1D? Shocked._.”
Doniya : “Sure.. Unbelieveble right?”
(YN) : “But, who’s the girl that kissed with zayn?”
Doniya : “That’s Perrie, she’s his girlfriend-_-“
(YN) : “Really? Hmm..”
Doniya : “ Jealous with her? =)”
(YN) : “No. NEVER-_-“
Suddenly, there’s a girl come in to the studio.
Doniya: “Nanaanaa~ That’s Perrie~”
(YN) : ( ._.)
Perrie : “Hey All!! I Love you guys!!” \ˇ)/
Louis : “Sorry, Im not. Im Eleanor’s”
Liam : “And im Danielle’s”
Harry : (._.  )
Niall : ( ._.)
Harry & Niall : ( ._.) (._.  )
Zayn : “Hey Babe!! Love you!” {} *kissing*
Doniya : “Can you stop kissing?! I’ll tell you to mummy!
(YN) : “That disgusting. Seriously-_-“
Zayn & Perrie : *Still kissing*
Louis : *Throw his shoes to them*

*After studio’s*

(YN) : “I must back to my parents hotel now.
Doniya : “No!! You must go with us to LA!! We will have fun there!”
Zayn : “What The..?!”
(YN) : “Okay.. ;)”
Liam : “Yeah okay..”
Harry&Niall : “Yuhuu!!”
Doniya : “Ok ;)”
Zayn : “This will be a hard week-_-“ *sigh*

*At the boys house in LA*
This night, I feel so bored. So, im out and look around the boys house in LA. And I came to a balcony. I see Zayn and Perrie there. And then, I listen to their conversation.
Perrie : “Do you love me?”
Zayn : “Uhmm.. There’s someone that I love more than anything”
Perrie : “Who’s that? That’s not me?! I want to know!!”
Zayn : “Uhmmm….”
Perrie : “Who?”
Zayn : “Ummmm…….”
Perrie : “TELL ME!!”
Zayn : “That’s you :)”
Perrie : “Thank you hunnneyy”

They’re hugging. But, I don’t know why, I see insincerity face of Zayn. He’s looks like do this for something that he won’t do. He’s face looks so awkward.
And most freakin’ thing is… I feel  jealous with them. I feel something awkward, like I think “That must be me!”.  But before,  I think im officially Move on from Zayn. But Why..?

I feel so random this night. I just go to my room, and then I crying. I don’t have any reason why im crying. Maybe, I fell in love with Zayn AGAIN. But in the different situation. He can’t be mine now, he has someone that he love. I know this will be hard. But what happened to me?!! I know, I can’t fall in the same mistake again. This must be over.

-SKIP Tomorrow-

Doniya : “Good morninn guys!! What will you do today? Do you have any plan :D”
(YN) : “Uhm, I don’t know” <-- answering with sleepy voice
Liam : “I must go to the Manchester with Danielle today” :)
Harry : “I’ll golfing with Niall.. Right dude?”
Niall : “Yeah!! :D”
Louis : “I’ll go with Eleanor” :)
Zayn : “I don’t know… maybe spend my time at home”
Perrie : “With me babe? :D”
Zayn : “Yeah..”
Doniya : “How about you (YN)?”
(YN) : “I don’t know…” <--- stay with sad face after crying last night
Doniya : “Why you look so sad? There’s something happened?” :/
(YN) : “No, everything okay:)” <--- Insincerity smile
Doniya : “Zayyyynnn!!” <-- Look at Zayn with insecure face
Zayn : “What?!” :/ -_-
Doniya : “Okay.. I’ll go to my friend’s house today.. But, I’ve a ticket of “The Dark Night Rises” Premier. Maybe you can take my place ;)”<--- Look at me
(YN) : “Really?! Maybe that a good idea :D”
Doniya : “Okay you must come to 21th Century Theater tonight ;D”
(YN) : “Okay!! :D”

I feel better now. Doniya feels like my own sister. She’s so nice to me. She’s the best friend I ever had.

Doniya : “Zayn, maybe that’s good when you want to bring (YN) to the theater :)”
 (YN) : “Huh?”
Zayn : “NEVER!!”
Doniya : “okayyyy-_-“

When doniya talk about Zayn, I can’t look at Zayn’s eyes anymore. I feel so random when I look at him, so Im trying to avoid him. Whatever I know, I still in love with him. I won’t  ruin their relationship.

*The Dark Night Rises Premier*
*At 21th Century Theater*
(YN) : “So this the theater.. This feel awkward ‘cause im alone :/ But this okay”

Movie start, and I enjoy this movie. Suddenly, there’s a man that looks like Joker Come in with a big gun. he fired his weapon indiscriminately. I think this just a part of this show. But, I see someone was shot on their head and bleeding. Im goin’ panic and run go out of theater.

“Dusssshhhh..” Suddenly I feel something hit my heart. And that is the bullet that fired by that gunman. Im bleeding. And this time I know,  this the end of my life.

*Zayn’s POV*
*Look at Online news*
Zayn : “12 people killed after The Dark Night Rises Premier in LA”
Zayn : “Hmmm.. 21th century theater.. WHAT?! (YN) was There!!”
*I check my Blackberry messenger* This awkward ‘cause all personal messenge of them “RIP (YN)”. Whats happening? Im confussing.
Suddenly Doniya call me..
Doniya : “Where are you now? “ <--- crying voice
Zayn : “Vas Happening doniya?!”
Doniya : “(YN)!! She’s died.. This my fault… If I don’t give her that ticket.. That must be me!! Come here now!! Im at 21th theater” <--- crying voice
Zayn : “….” My phone was fall from my hand… I can’t believe she’s died…

At the (YN)’s funeral day everyone come. 1D boys, doniya, (YN)’s parents and more..
Doniya feels so guilty for this. She’s think, if she not give that ticket this will not happen.
But,nobody fault, this just a destiny… Nobody know about it.

After funeral, the police give some (YN)’s stuff. And Zayn find a diary of (YN). The last page that she wrote is……..

“Im fool because fell in the same mistake. That so hard to fallin’ in love with someone that can’t be yours. But, okay when you have that loves. You must be stronger and stronger. Be yourself no matter what. When you love someone, you must be happy when they’re happy. Whatever he hurt me.. That’s my fault why I feel that..
-(YN)- :) xx”

*Zayn’s POV*
Im sorry for you (YN)l.. Actually, I still love you until now. I just can’t show it. Im confuse. I trying to get something new, just for forget you. But, that so hard. Now is too late for me. Im sorry (YN)!! Im sorry. I’ll always remember you, forever:””

 *Inspired by Dark Knight Rises Premier incidence*
Rest in Peace for them O:)

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